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Mzhoux Precision Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.was established in 1960.M stands for America, ZHOUX stands for axle center.

MZHOUX is not only an American brand, but also the best solution for worry-free operation, never stopping, and eliminating friction. MZHOUX has the world's top American production technology and advanced management concepts. Not only in the United States, but also in the world where there is a rotation, there will be MZHOUX technology and solutions.

In 1960, MZHOUX began to enter the automotive industry, precision machinery products, electronic applications and other fields in the United States.

After years of expansion, the company established the aerospace ultra-precision department in 1984, following the US Axis precision bearing technology.

In 1990, MZHOUX established the MZHOUX universal bearingdepartment, and the MZX outer sphericalball bearing and the outer spherical ball bearing general bearingdepartment, which is specially used in the field of civil bearings.

MZHOUX officially entered China in 2007.During this period, the sales manager of the executive director ofMZHOUX, the manager of the group development department, and the sales manager of the Group's Asia-Pacific region visited the Shenzhen and Hangzhou companies several times.

After fifteen years of hard work, MZHOUX has 30 subsidiaries and 112 distributorsin theChinese market from the beginning of the company's establishment to the fifteenth anniversary.

In 2010, the total turnover of MZHOUX was RMB 637.4 million in China. MZHOUX mainly operates seven major types of bearings, with an inventory of 86 million yuan. The products are mainly for the industry: machinery, machine tools, automobiles, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, electric power, railway and other industries. Among them, machinery and automobile bearings are a big advantage of our company. Among them, machinery and automobile bearings are a big advantage of our company.

MZHOUX is mainly engaged in seven major types of bearings, mainly distributed in East China (Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu), South China (Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan), North China (Shandong, Beijing, Liaoning) three major regions, andit has 31 branches and subsidiaries.

More importantly, MZHOUX has a reasonable price/performance ratio.

Customers can experience the quality of world-class brands and be more perfect and more intimate than first-class brands serviceat a reasonable price.Through continuous pursuit, MZHOUX has established a set of rapid response information communication system to ensure that MZHOUX products are delivered to the factory in a shorter timeand fewer links.